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Each performer will have 7-8 minutes to work on their selected piece with Grant in front of the other performers and the observers. All performers will need to prepare 16-32 bars of a song in the musical theatre style not to exceed one minute in length. Songs can be from any musical era or genre. The feedback will focus on but is not limited to vocal technique, acting choices, and audition/callback advice. Once you’ve had your performer’s spot confirmed, please email Grant ( the title of your song and your cut audio track no later than April 1st.



Observers will need to bring a pencil and paper to take notes (no iPads or phones please). While other students are performing, observers have the great opportunity to take notes on their feedback and improvements to use in their own practice/performance. Interested observers may have the chance to help with demonstrations during the feedback portion of the class.


Observers and performers alike will have the opportunity to ask questions during a Q&A and meet-and-greet at the beginning of the masterclass. Questions can range from vocal tips and acting advice to questions about Broadway or life in New York City. Everyone will participate in a group warmup!

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