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The Whole Backstage Board of Directors

Denton Gillen - President
Wesley H. Rorex - President-Elect

Dana Thomas – Secretary

Bob Crook – Treasurer

Andy Hunter - VP of Facility

Jane Kohl – VP of Administration

Andrea Oliver  – VP of Development

John Davis Rollings  – VP of Publicity

Diane DuBoise – VP of Production

Kristen Gillen – VP of Youth Theatre

Johnny Brewer – Past President

Sue Bilke, John Everett Brewer, Katherine Brewer

Thomas Darnell, Rodger King, Debbie Moss, Julie Oliver
Jan Price, Claire Richards, Wes and Allison Trammell, Wendy Zahn

Lifetime Members

Robin Moore

Dot Moore (1933-2013)

John Duff (1922-2003)

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