The Whole Backstage Board of Directors

(Some members not pictured)

The Whole Backstage Theatre

Board of Directors 2020-2021

Butch Starnes – President

Sharon Glenn - President-Elect

Johnny Brewer – Secretary

Debbie Moss – Treasurer

Andy Hunter - VP of Facility

Jane Kohl – VP of Administration

Wesley H. Rorex  – VP of Development

John Davis Rollings – VP of Publicity

Diane DuBoise – VP of Production

Debbie Moss – Past President


Sue Bilke,  Katherine Brewer, Bob Crook, Thomas Darnell 

 Denton and Kristen Gillen, Celeste Kyle Hallenbeck, Teresa Hunter, Julie Oliver,

Pat Schobert, Bryan SimsDana Thomas, Wendy Zahn

Lifetime Members

Robin Moore

Dot Moore (1933-2013)

John Duff (1922-2003)

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