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To Auditionee’s of BEAUTY AND BEAST, 

First, we’d like to say the casting was NOT an easy task. This by far is ALWAYS the hardest part as directors. In saying this, we know some of you may be disappointed, and believe us we ALL understand as we have all been there. For those of you at auditions, you saw the wonderful talent! AMAZING! We had a total of 92 auditionees.  As we mentioned at auditions It’s not always about who is the best singer or best actor, casting a show involves much more than that. 

 If you were not cast, thank you for your time and commitment during the audition process, we do hope that you will still be part of the production as we will need your help!!! If you indicated on your audition sheet, you’d be willing to help, we will send you an email soon.  

To the Children, you were all amazing! Unfortunately, we could only cast a few. Please do not let this deter you from being part of the theatre.  Be on the lookout for auditions for our Youth Theatre Summer Productions. 

If you are cast please email us at  either yes or no in subject line to accept or decline your role. If you accept your role we will be sending an email within the next week with the Company Meeting date and time. 

Congratulations to ALL and thanks again to everyone for their time and commitment. You are all wonderful!! We are so excited to bring BEAUTY AND THE BEAST to the stage! It’s going to be magical! 



 Diane and Will 

Beauty and the Beast

Directed by Diane DuBoise & Will Casey

Music Director - April Duquette
Choreographer - Will Casey

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