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The Whole Backstage Children's Theatre


Re-established in 2008, The Whole Backstage Children's Theatre is one of largest youth theatre programs in the area. Courses are designed to stimulate and develop unique intellectual and creative abilities of each student through learning and practicing basic Theatre Arts concepts. Through an applied emphasis in this course, the student will gain greater knowledge of self and others and will begin to develop an appreciation of Theatre as an art form. Kelleybrooke Brown, director of Children's theatre has over nineteen years experience in dramatic arts and is a AIEA certified instructor in Arts Integration.  

To inquire about signing your child up for The Whole Backstage Children's Theatre, email: or visit

SPOTLIGHT KIDS is the Whole Backstage Children's Theatre's advanced competition troupe.  Spotlight Kids also serve as ambassadors to the Whole Backstage Theatre.  Students must have prior experience in the Whole Backstage Children's Theatre and must audition for the cast. Auditions are held once a year in the spring. Three adjudicators from outside theatres score the auditions for fairness. Those who plan to audition must prepare a 90 second combination of music and monologue (SETC STYLE) and participate in a choreography audition.   The choreography is taught during the audition process.  Auditionees must also participate in an interview with representatives of the Whole Backstage Theatre. SPOTLIGHT KIDS will serve as "ambassadors" for the Whole Backstage Children's Theatre in their communities, perform in shows, and partake in the Alabama Conference of Theatre's Community Theatre Competition event.


How It Works...

Students ages 9-16 are eligible to audition. Twelve auditionees with the top scores in both performance and interview will be selected with two alternates selected as alternates. The number of those cast depends on the number of auditionees. A one year fee of $250 will be required of any student cast with no other fees required; however, the cast will be required to participate in at least one class or workshop within the casting year and be part of all summer events - including Spotlight Boot Camp, Little Actors' Camp, Jr. Camp, and Musical Theatre Show-Offs.


For more information on this or any other WBS Children's Theatre event please contact Director, Kelleybrooke Brown at or visit our Facebook Page at

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