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Over My Dead Body Poster High DPI Update

Over My Dead Body

by Michael Sutton and Anthony Fingleton


Directed by Pat Schobert


September 21, 22, 27, 28, 29 @ 7:00pm
September 23 and 30 @ 2:00pm


Bartie Cruikshank, a writer - Chris Carter
Charters, the butler - Roger King
Dora Winslow, a writer - Dianne Creel
Trevor Foyle, a writer - Kory Duquette
Simon Vale, a writer - Gary March-Force
Leo Sharp, Simon’s agent - Bob Copeland
Inspector Smith - Patrick Fogarty
Detective Trask - Michael Hollingsworth

"Hard times have fallen on the Murder League. The only surviving founders of this club that once counted Agatha Christie and John Dickson Carr among its ranks. Over the years, they've watched in dismay as their eccentric detectives, murders in locked rooms, and arcane clues have gone out of fashion. Thanks to television, people now know how real murder is committed and have seen that it is far from the elegant, stylish affairs they used to write about. Taunted by a younger colleague—a writer of violent, sexually-graphic crime stories—the three elderly members of the League concoct a plan to revitalize interest in their kind of murder…by committing one themselves! Of course they plan to be caught—how else is everyone to know how brilliant their crime was unless it is solved? What they fail to take into account is that murder as it was done in their books was always a rather strenuous affair, and that in real life things don't always happen like clockwork."

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