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By Katherine Brewer:
The Whole Backstage Community Theatre will launch the new season by marking the 45/50 year anniversary as an organization. Fifty years ago, Founding Mother, Dot Moore, now deceased, established the “Teen Club” to provide a social time with purpose. With support from many community leaders, the teenaged group performed Our Town in the summer of 1968 in numerous venues throughout Marshall County. Then in 1973, the Whole Backstage was instituted as a community theatre, now marking its 45th year.
“Our first event for our 45/50 Anniversary Celebration is Friday, June 1, 5:30-8:30 p.m. We will host a big party at the Whole Backstage/Dot Moore Theatre at 1120 Rayburn Avenue/Dot Moore Way in Guntersville. We are extending a special invitation to all our friends, audience members, sponsors, and our many supporters to attend our kick-off event. This informal social is family-friendly, and we will serve BBQ, finger foods, lemonade and cake. Of course, we encourage all former Whole Backstagers to join us and share memories and reunite with friends.
This special event is not a fund-raiser, but a reception to commemorate five decades as a community-based organization. Other celebration festivities will be planned throughout this season. More details for this year’s celebration events will be sent by emails, posted on our website, and WBS on Facebook. We look forward to marking this year in a very special way, with lots of involvement from the community as well as previous and current WBS members,” explained Denise Resler, Celebration Chairperson.
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